In a recent interview and pictorial for Arena Homme Plus magazine, The Boyz’s Younghoon has shared his honest thoughts about his careers as well as some reflection of his acting debut.


It has been a busy year for The Boyz: between winning Mnet’s “Way to Kingdom” and planning for their forthcoming return, Younghoon is reportedly preparing to make his acting debut in the hit webtoon “Heart Revolution” drama, which will also be featuring fellow idol Park Ji Hoon.


While talking about the upcoming drama, Younghoon remarked, “Honestly, I never imagined that I would be cast in the role of Kyung Woo. But I think it’s worked out well. Because rather than just the things I’m [easily] able to do well, I wanted to show that I’m also capable of pulling off things that are more difficult.”

The idol also revealed that he was already a fan of the webtoon “Love Revolution” before filming, which has helped him contribute to the drama in unexpected ways.

The star also announced that before shooting he was already a fan of the “Love Revolution” webtoon, which has helped him contribute in more surprising ways to the drama.


“I was amazed [that I was cast in the adaptation], because I was already an avid reader of the original webtoon,” said Younghoon. “As a reader, I’m very familiar with the characters, so when I analyze the characters and make a suggestion to the director, I’m often met with agreement. The webtoon is still ongoing, so when I read it now, I feel like Kyung Woo is me, and I’ll try reading his lines out loud.”

Younghoon also revealed that he and his co-star Park Ji Hoon have become close friends, “I became close with the other actors really quickly,” he shared.


“I’ve especially become really close with [Park] Ji Hoon, who plays the role of Ju Young. I used to be a really shy person, so I thought to myself, ‘Wow, I’ve really changed.’”

The Boyz plans to make their first comeback in September since “Road to Kingdom” when Younghoon’s new drama “Love Revolution” will also make its premiere. The series will be broadcast on Viki, with English subtitles.