Ten (WayV) Praised For "Million-dollar" Figure By Cosmetic Experts

Ten (WayV) Praised For "Million-dollar" Figure By Cosmetic Experts

The cosmetic experts have revealed that they appreciate the beauty of the idol known as the "Thai prince" of SM - Ten.


In June, a trio of Korean cosmetic doctors uploaded a video analyzing the beauty of SM Entertainment's male group WayV and here, they gave a lot of praise to member Ten. According to experts, the male idol from Thailand of SM possesses an unbelievably perfect jawline, an expensive feature that helps to enhance his beauty significantly.


First, experts believe that Ten's jaw line has the ideal shape that women want. The jaw line is neat, making the V-line face clear and sharp is every girl's wish.

However, it is not only women who want to have the male idol's figure, but men also have to "drop their integrity". Doctors believe that if men wear that jaw, they can be more handsome, attractive and have a sharp appearance. A doctor also confessed: "Men also want this jawline. I wish I could live with this chin".


Ten's jawline is so perfect that the estheticians have come to a conclusion that makes fans ecstatic: "This is the million-dollar jawline".


Ten was born in 1996, is from Thailand and is a versatile idol, a member of the SM group like NCT U, WayV, SuperM. Besides the "top" talent, he is also gradually emerging as the top handsome man in the all-handsome NCT lineup. The "Thai prince" has an excellent face, every line is sharp, neat, harmonious, the bridge of the nose as high as a slide, and a mysterious charismatic vibe. However, in real life, Ten is indeed a funny guy with a great sense of humor.