Chinese talented idol group WayV will have their own first reality show in South Korea called ‘WayVision’, to be aired on Seezn.


Seezn announced on September 11 that, “We will launch WayVision, the first solo reality show in Korea of WayV, on September 21,” adding, “WayVision followed the rules of preventing COVID-19 in early July and filmed everything safely.”

WayV is a Chinese group consisting of a total of seven members, Kun, Ten, Winwin, Lucas, Xiaojun, Hendry and Yangyang. The group has emerged as a top rookie since their debut in 2019. In June, WayV received attention for releasing their first full-length album ‘Awaken The World’, which is loved by fans both at home and abroad.

WayVision is a program made by the seven members of WayV that promises to fascinate global fans with content as colorful as the members’ charms. As revealed, the boys will become reporters themselves and run travel channels to present their seven-color Gangwon Province travelogue.

From thrilling activities enjoyed in green nature to luxury yacht trips amid the wide sea, as well as eating shows in Gangwon Province, the travel contents experienced and felt by WayV members will stimulate fans’ curiosity and imagination indefinitely.

In addition, the members’ unyielding war to become the best channel reporter is another thing that attracts fans. Attention is focusing on who will be honored as the best channel after the three-day trip.


Global idol WayV’s first solo reality show ‘WayVision’ will be released every Monday and Tuesday at 6 PM KST starting on September 21 through the Seezn app, KT’s mobile OTT service, and anyone can watch it free of charge regardless of the carrier being used. It also airs simultaneously on Thailand’s ‘TrueID’.