It has been 4 years since BLACKPINK debuted but compared with other groups, they don’t have many to perform. This has once caused huge anger from Blinks because they believe YG was trying to “control” the girls’ talents.


However, in BLACKPINK: Light up the sky documentary released on Netflix, the reasons behind that issue of BLACKPINK was clearly stated out and fans seem to now understand.

Teddy – the talented artist and producer of YG who is responsible for every song of the girls has opened up why they did that.


At first, he shared about their strategy to promote BLACKPINK as other artists: single, smash, single, hit.


But then, they soon decided to change that into a different way as instead of following the previous recipe, him and BLACKPINK wanted to express themselves more through their own music, like creating their own personal musical journey.

More than that, they wanted to be expressed as real artists, not just idols.

“Now, we feel like we need to tell more of our own personal story.” – Teddy shared.


Because of that, YG didn’t release lots of songs for BLACKPINK in comparison with other female girl groups. He admitted that he knew the fans would definitely get mad. In fact, the girls do not lack music, they just want to season their songs more with their personal symbols. And not just songs, all of their products have to be perfectly completed with high quality.


“And I know the fans are mad. Like, “We want more and more.”

Rose, the group’s main vocal once shared that all of them want the quality in their songs, not just quantities. Along with Teddy’s explanation, seems like they have made Blinks understand and satisfied towards this issue.

Let’s just patiently wait for the girls and support them in the future.