It turned out K-pop girl group BLACKPINK‘s debut track ‘WHISTLE‘ was rejected at first.

On October 14, Netflix dropped their original BLACKPINK documentary ‘BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky’ on the platform.

In this documentary, an interesting fact about BLACKPINK’s mega-hit debut track ‘WHISTLE’ was unveiled.

There was a scene where the members of BLACKPINK were talking to YG Entertainment’s head producer Teddy.

JISOO said to Teddy, “Oppa, do you remember how we had to record that whistling sound 1,000 times in ‘WHISTLE’?” BLACKPINK members laughed and Teddy laughingly responded, “Of course. I’ll never forget that.” 

Then, ROSÉ commented, “Our debut song almost couldn’t be ‘WHISTLE’. But we pushed for the song at the last minute.

We were all like, ‘It has to be that one.'” Teddy added, “Yeah, a lot of people said that it was a risky choice to go with ‘WHISTLE’.

Their opinions were like, ‘It has a weird country vibe to it’, ‘It sounds too empty.’ and so on.” 

BLACKPINK made debut with an album ‘SQUARE ONE’ with the title track ‘WHISTLE’ in August 2016.