Ryeowook from boy group Super Junior has posted a hand-written letter on the Lysn fan community, admitting he’s dating former Tahiti member Ari, denying false rumors and apologizing fans for the surprising news.


Ryeowook wrote:

“Hello, this is Ryeowook. I apologize for making you all wait so long. I was so nervous because I didn’t know how to speak up while thinking about ELFs, who must have felt hurt by the news, no matter what I said.

First of all, I feel sorry to have to announce that I’m meeting her this way. Thinking about it, I think the ELFs supported me, gave me a lot of thought so that I could get to know her. I should be more concerned with ELFs, and I’m reflecting on that. I guess my lack of consideration has caused a lot of confusion.

The girl in question, I am indeed dating her.

There are misunderstandings that have happened, stories that I have never thought of, let alone say, are spreading. Both Super Junior and ELFs are precious to me. It’s a pity to have so many false rumors circulating.

I have hurt my ELFs a lot. The names I called and what I expressed on Bubble are sincere from my heart. Nothing I said is fake. In a recent selfie of the flowers I posted, it was just a gift from an employee who came to see the concert.

I don’t have an SNS account and Bubble is the only place where I can chat with ELFs. You have also chosen to be in this place to socialize with me, so I want to try my best. I really want to be able to share my daily life with ELFs, I don’t want you guys to feel lonely or sad.

I started planning to open a coffee shop for my parents to manage because they have free time. What all of you are thinking, will never happen. I don’t want to use the name Ryeowook or Super Junior for such things. I don’t know much about that field, so I asked a friend for help. I apologize for hurting you with my hasty thoughts. “

My actions hurt the ELFs. You gave me love and trust, even though I didn’t deserve it, I feel very sorry.

I am also very sorry to my group members who must have been surprised by the news. From now on, I will think carefully before doing anything.

I will become a Ryeowook with a greater sense of responsibility in return for all the trust and support you have shown me. I will try my best not to ruin Super Junior’s promotions, which has always been my top priority. Thank you for believing in me.”

Meanwhile, actress Ari (real name Kim Sun Young) also admitted her romantic relationship with Ryeowook. She wrote a letter explaining the suspicion that she deceived Ryeowook’s fans and claiming that she is not a believer of the Shincheonji Church.