Top 10 The Cutest K-pop Idol Autographs

Top 10 The Cutest K-pop Idol Autographs

One of every Kpop fan’s greatest desires is to attend a fan signing or receive a personally signed gift from their favorite idol, featuring their autograph. Read on to see ten of the cutest and most unique autographs from your K-pop idols!

1. EXO Chen

With the nickname of “Fan signing Boyfriend,” EXO’s Chen is an expert at making his fans’ hearts flutter when they receive an autograph from him. No autograph of Chen’s is complete without a drawing of his smiling face that looks exactly like his beagle-smile!

2. TWICE Momo

Fans have voted and determined that TWICE’s Momo’s autograph is one of their favorite autographs. With a drawing of a cute whiskered animal with two heart-shaped ears, maybe it's a mouse or cat. Her autograph loved by her fan.

3. Super Junior Ryeowook

Super Junior’s Ryeowook and EXO’s Chen not only have a high note in common but also have similar signatures that feature caricatures of their smiles. In this photo, Ryeowook’s puffy cheeks look so a-like his signature!

4. RED VELVET Seulgi

Seulgi has many nicknames among Reveluvs, but the nickname that everybody knows about her is “Teddy-Bear Seulgi” for her slow reaction times and round face. Seulgi’s bear drawing in her autograph makes it so easy for fans to recognize her iconic signature in one glance.


WOODZ, also known as Cho Seungyeon, has gone through many changes in his life regarding his musical artist career, but his autograph stays the same. With a drawing of a snapback hat and toothy grin, WOODZ’s signature reminds us of his hip hop days.


Sometimes, simplicity is key! BLACKPINK’s Rose’s signature features an elegantly drawn flower that fans can spot quickly.

7. WINNER Mino

WINNER’s Mino is known by many for his artistic drawing talents, most notably on the variety show, “New Journey to the West.” In this signature, Mino sketches out a gorgeous rose, as if he is giving this fan a bouquet of flowers.

8. Girls' Generation Taeyeon

SONEs know that Girls' Generation’s Taeyeon loves butterflies, so it comes with no surprise that her signature also features a beautiful butterfly, flying free above her name.

9. ASTRO Moonbin

ASTRO’s Moonbin has an autograph that clearly shows his personality. With a drawing of a face grinning with scrunched up eyes as well as a star, it’s easy to tell exactly which ASTRO member this autograph belongs to.

10. APink Eunji

APink’s Eunji’s signature also features a cute drawn bear, but with bulging eyes full of excitement, she hopes fans feel every time APink releases a song.

Which idol has your favorite autograph? Let us know in the comments below!