When debuted with G-Friend, Umji is often criticized for her visuals. No one recognized Umji as an idol and many even called the youngest member G-Friend with the unfriendly title “The worst idol in Kpop history”. But now, she has been transformed into a true beauty every day thanks to the effort to lose weight and change the style and hairstyle.

Recently, Umji’s beauty has once again caused a storm over social networking sites in Korea. After losing weight, this female idol completely changed her appearance, her beauty increased a bit, but few people expected that Umji would have reached the peak level as at present. Just through a moment of surfing through the camera, the female idol born in 1998 made many fans be in love with her beauty because the beauty is increasingly sweeter and more gorgeous than before.

Radiant smile, Vline face, big round eyes and bright white skin, Umji’s beauty in real life is incredible.