Stray Kids made his fans become excited with the confirmation to make a comeback after their first full-length album ‘GO生‘.

The album will be released in the form of a repackaged album of the first full-length album “GO生” released in June. With this, Stray Kids will make a comeback in about three months and visit the public again.

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However, JYP Entertainment added, “The exact date [of their comeback] has not yet been decided.

JYP Entertainment boy band Stray Kids, which debuted in 2018, has continued to grow steadily since their debut, expanding their fandom at home and abroad.

In the case of the first full-length album “GO生,” which includes “God’s Menu,” it recorded its best performance since its debut, breaking its own record of 120,000 records (a week of record sales as of the release date), ranking first to third on the daily sales chart of Japan’s Tower Records, sixth on the Billboard World Album Chart, and sixth on the World Digital Song Sales Chart.

In addition, the music video for “God’s Menu” surpassed 80 million views on YouTube in less than two months after its release, proving hot reactions at home and abroad.

Attention is focusing on what kind of music Stray Kids will show through their high-speed comeback, which has grown by building their own musical colors through writing and composing all of their songs.

Stay tuned and wait for further information.