In addition to the screen time distributions, the line distributions have always been a controversial topic in K-Pop fandoms. Usually, the main vocals of the group will sing the most, or members with outstanding and suitable vocals will have a lot of lines. Although lines are distributed for the purpose of making the songs as good as they can, sometimes a line distribution can nearly “mute” some members.

Fans of K-Pop gen 3 attach great importance to their idols’ line distributions and screen time distributions in the group’s products.

Although we know that it is never easy to distribute the singing lines fairly, it is still possible. Recently, K-Pop fans have selected the songs with the most beautiful line distributions of popular girl groups. Let’s take a look.


MOMOLAND used to have 9 members and it was pretty difficult to distribute the lines equally among the members. However, the group now has only 6 members and the line distributions seem a lot easier. For the old line-up, the song with the fairest line distribution was ‘BAAM’, and for the new line-up, ‘Thumbs Up’ is the perfect “pizza”.



(G)I-DLE is one of the girl groups that often get caught up in ‘unfair’ controversies. The reason is because their leader Soyeon always has the most part in the group’s songs, as she is the main composer of the group’s music products. Fans think that ‘Latata’ would be the song with the fairest distribution, because Soyeon’s singing time was not too overwhelming then.



If you are a ‘hardcore fan’ of ITZY, you will probably realize that Yeji usually is the person with the most singing lines even though she is not the main vocal. However, in general, this difference is not too big to cause controversy, and mostly because Yeji has a voice color that matches well with JYP’s songs. Up to now, perhaps ‘ICY’ is still the most perfect “pizza” with even line distribution for the members.



Yuju and Eunha always sing the most in GFRIEND because they are the main and lead vocal. The fact that the two girls dominate the line distributions is also considered natural because most of the group’s songs require good and stable singing techniques. However, there is a song that received a lot of praise from fans thanks to its beautiful distribution: ‘Fever’. It can be seen that all the members have a chance to show off their voice equally and no one is left out.



For Red Velvet, Yeri is the member who often gets very few singing lines – she doesn’t have many opportunities to prove her ability. The most shocking case is probably ‘Automatic’, where the Red Velvet’s maknae has only about 4.6 seconds of singing in a 3 minute and 30 second song. However, there is still a rare song where the group achieves a perfect “pizza”, when both Yeri and Irene have the even singing time: ‘Russian Roulette’.



Referring to the controversial line distributions of K-Pop gen 3, it is certainly impossible to not mention EVERGLOW. In most of the songs, member Mia overwhelms the rest of the members’ singing time. Mia is not only the main vocal but also the main dancer, so it is not difficult to understand why the spotlight belongs to the female idol. If she sung a lot but the rest of the members were still given the chance to perform, then perhaps EVERGLOW wouldn’t be called “Mia and friends.”


‘Adios’ is probably the song with the best line distribution ever among EVERGLOW’s songs. In fact, Mia still sings 32% of the time but overall the rest of the members are still given the opportunity to show off their voice. In addition, Mia’s 32% is the best because in many other songs, the female idol really carried the whole song. However, comparing to the other girl groups above, it seems that EVERGLOW’s ‘pizza’ is still controversial.

What do you think of the line distributions for the songs above? Is there any line distributions that makes you feel the most satisfied?