AFTER SCHOOL former member Lee Gaeun will make a new vewsion for the masterpiece ‘Can You Hear Me’, from SNSD Taeyeon, in PROJECT10.


PROJECT10’s remake song, ‘Can You Hear Me’, by Lee Gaeun will be released on various music sites at 6 PM KST on June 26.

‘Can You Hear Me’ is a masterpiece that moistens the emotions of listeners with Taeyeon’s sweet voice. The song was released in 2008 as an OST for hit drama ‘Beethoven Virus’.

‘Can You Hear Me’, through PROJECT10, has been reinterpreted into the jazz-style Bossa Nova genre. Park Kyung Don, the arranger, explained that, “I wanted to change the mood of the song from sad ballad to Bossa Nova to show a different emotional aspect.”

Lee Gaeun shared, “I’m glad to have a chance to sing a song for you after a long time. I’m nervous because I like Taeyeon’s masterpiece ‘Can you hear me’ so much, but I’m happy thinking that fans will like it if I sing the newly arranged song. I hope you can listen to it comfortably and feel good.”

PROJECT10 is a project where musicians regardless of genres or areas rearrange famous songs, and ‘Can You Hear Me’ is the sixth remake to be released.