Boy group SEVENTEEN has successfully held their online fan meeting ‘SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND’ with memorable moments.


SEVENTEEN organized their fourth fan meeting ‘SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND’ online on August 30. From the stage with spectacular performances that overwhelms the eyes to pleasant talks and games with unique bright energy, about four hours of running time were filled with good memories for CARAT (SEVENTEEN’s fandom).


Through the fan meeting, which was conducted through online live streaming, the boys communicated with fans in 121 regions around the world in real time. In addition, a total of 14 multi-view screens, including full shots that allow viewers to enjoy the entire stage and angles for each member’s fans to check out the details, provided a vivid sense of realism to enhance the fun of watching.


“We welcome CARATs to CARAT LAND, which opens only once a year,” said SEVENTEEN, who opened their fan meeting with the song ‘My My’ from their 7th mini-album. “This is the time when you can enjoy with SEVENTEEN wherever you are in the world,” they said, signaling a full-fledged start. “We and CARATs are always one, anytime, anywhere.”


After that, ‘Let Me Hear You Say’ and ‘Together’ stages were released for the first time and received explosive responses. The vocal team’s sweet ‘Second Life’, performance team’s artistic ‘247’ and hip-hop team’s charismatic ‘Back It Up’ stages were also held in different moods.


The unit reverse stage, in which SEVENTEEN’s units sing each other’s song, gave a variety of fun, and the newly reborn stages left an even stronger impression.


Various games were played under the hosting of Seungkwan, and their own brilliant ideas were added to make people laugh. The losing team then carried out the ingenious penalties they received through real-time comments just before the game, boosting the atmosphere of the fan meeting in a more amicable manner.


Seventeen performed the final stage with the title track ‘Left & Right‘ from their seventh mini-album that swept the K-Pop scene this summer, while the encore song ‘LUCKY’ produced a perfect memory.


SEVENTEEN said, “We would like to thank CARATs for watching, supporting and laughing with us for a long time. We hope that there will be only better days in the future, and we will always work hard and do our best.”


“We are happy and satisfied that we are together with CARATs. We hope to continue to have a good future. As always, SEVENTEEN and CARAT are on the same path. We will show you more diverse, fun and touching sides, so please look forward to it,” the boys said, raising expectations for future activities and ending the meaningful fan meeting with CARATs around the world.