Sasaeng fans have posted photos of an alleged drunk and stumbling NCT Haechan on the internet after he complained about them during a V Live broadcast.


The photos show NCT Haechan allegedly stumbling and drunk after getting out of a taxi while fellow member Doyoung tries to help. Needless to say, netizens have a lot of opinions regarding this. While previous reports stated the rudeness of the sasaeng fans, these alleged photos of Haechan have stirred up a lot of opinions as well.

He had apparently shot a V Live on his birthday and mentioned the stress of having up to twenty sasaeng fans showing up to his house. He also mentioned that this is causing harm to their neighbors as well, leading to angry sasaeng fans posting the photos in retaliation.


After these photos were leaked by saesang fans, Korean netizens expressed some of the opinions. The vast majority of fans said that Haechan now is an adult so that hanging out and getting drunk is normal, or “He is an idol. Be careful”…