Psy is continuing to rack up YouTube views on his music videos!

Currently, the music video for “I Luv It” recently exceeded 100 million YouTube views, joining “Gangnam Style,” HyunA’s “Oppa Is Just My Style,” “Gentleman,” “Daddy,” “Hangover,” featuring Snoop Dogg, and “New Face” as the seventh Psy music video to exceed that number. In total, just these music videos alone have racked up 6.7 billion views for the artist.


To celebrate the milestone, Psy took to his personal Instagram account on April 13 KST to share screen captures of the music videos’ current YouTube view numbers, captioning the post with a simple ‘#thankyou’ hashtag. A number of celebrity friends, including HaHa, actress-singer Lee Jung Hyun, and celebrity stylist Seo Soo Kyung, left congratulatory messages in the comments.

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#감사합니다 #thankyou

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