The K-Pop scene in October is going to be hotter than ever as boy group Pentagon has confirmed to make their comeback then.


The group’s agency Cube Entertainment told Newsen on September 17 that “Pentagon is preparing their album with the aim of making a comeback in October. Please show a lot of love and look forward to it.”

The boys’ comeback will come eight months after their first full-length album ‘UNIVERSE: THE BLACK HALL’, which was released in February. According to multiple officials, Pentagon is in the middle of last-minute work on their new album.

Since their debut with ‘Gorilla’ in 2016, Pentagon has been steadily gaining popularity with high-quality music and stunning performances featuring the members’ own individuality and values. Some of their successful songs include ‘Can You Feel It’, ‘Critical Beauty’, ‘Sine’ and ‘SHA LA LA’.

In particular, the upcoming album draws attention as it is the first new album to be released since the group’s joining Mnet’s ‘Road to Kingdom’, which ended in June.

In ‘Road to Kingdom’, Pentagon re-verified the team’s true value and finished at the third place with unique charms and immense talents, proving their nick name as the “stage craftsmen” with colorful performances.

In October, numerous idol groups, including BTS, EVERGLOW, and LOONA, has announced their debut or comeback, and expectations are high for what Pentagon will do in this competition.