‘Twenty-Twenty’, the first OST for the JBTC drama of the same name, has finally been released today with the sweet voices of boy group Pentagon.


Playlist Studio said on September 16 that, “The OST ‘Twenty-Twenty’ will be released at 6 PM KST today on various music sites. The drama tells the story of 20-year-olds who just crossed the threshold of adulthood.”

‘Twenty-Twenty’ is a song composed by PENTAGON Kino and sung by PENTAGON themselves. PENTAGON’s unique musical color has always been praised as a perfect fit for the OST, and it did take full advantage of the sensuous atmosphere of the drama.

In particular, the song, which was first played in the ending scene of the first episode where Chae Da Hee (played by Han Sung Min) accidentally met Lee Hyun Jin (played by Kim Woo Seok), who was slapped by her mother and burst into tears, amplifying the strange excitement and tension of the scene and touching the viewers’ emotion intensely.

“It’s meaningful that ‘Twenty-Twenty,’ which I composed myself, is not only released as an OST, but also sung by the PENTAGON members,” said Kino. “Please love ‘Twenty-Twenty’ sung by PENTAGON as much as the drama, which is going to have an even more interesting story.”

‘Twenty-Twenty’ (directed by Han Soo Ji and written by Sung So Eun) is pre-released on Naver TV at 7 PM KST every Wednesday and Saturday, and is aired on YouTube a week later. In addition, JTBC airs the series every Sunday night at 11:50 PM KST.