After the successful comeback with the new mini album “Reload” on April, NCT Dream is returning with their first NCT Life season: ‘NCT LIFE: DREAM in Wonderland‘.


NCT Dream ‘s reality show will show an upgraded sense of entertainment and chemistry. The expectations of the fans are reaching their peak.

NCT LIFE: DREAM in Wonderland will be released at 6PM on July 6th, which is a unique concept of a left-winged mission and five members leaving the busy city to relax in beautiful nature, as well as to enjoy thrilling activities.

The poster, which was first released on June 16, showed Dream’s members (Renjun, Jeno, Jaemin, Jisung, Chenle) as mischievous. In addition to unpredictable missions, you can see a variety of eating shows as well as chemistry explosions by special roommates that only can be seen in “NCT LIFE: DREAM in Wonderland”.


The reality show is also drawing keen attention as it is a “strange” mission trip that goes beyond mediocrity. It is said that mysterious and strange things happened throughout the trip and surprised the members, who were constantly enjoying themselves with high tension.

NCT DREAM’s “NCT LIFE: DREAM in Wonderland” will be released every Monday and Tuesday at 6 p.m. from July 6th through KT Seezn (season), and anyone regardless of carrier can enjoy it for free. Also, it will be aired simultaneously on TrueID (TrueID) in Thailand.

Meanwhile, SM C&C STUDIO is active on the world stage with various OTT experiences ranging from Seezn to YouTube, Naver, V LIVE, Naver TV, and Wave. In addition, the company has continued to communicate with subscribers and viewers through original contents on various official channels.