NCT DREAM members have expressed their feelings about hosting their first online concert through ‘Beyond LIVE‘.

NCT DREAM met their global fans on May 10 by hosting their online-only concert ‘Beyond the DREAM SHOW’ on Naver V LIVE at 3 PM KST.


Following SuperM, which opened the doors of Beyond LIVE last month, and WayV on May 3, NCT Dream received explosive response from fans with a stage that combined upgraded AR effects and energetic performances.

NCT DREAM, who opened the powerful concert with the ‘GO’ Dance Break Ver and ‘Drippin’ stage, actively engaged in remote communication (due to the COVID-19 crisis) with fans.

During the Q&A session with the fans watching, Chenle said, “The members always fight and have fun together, like a family. They are like my own brothers.”

Renjun shared, “To me, the existence of a member is like my youth. The members have been with me for all of my youth and they are really precious.”


Haechan added, “I think they’re like another me. I’ve seen them since I was young, when they grow up, I grow up, and it feels like I’m seeing another me,” expressing his affection for the members.

Jisung then said, “The NCT Dream members are like really cute brothers to me. They are so cute.”


For Jaemin, “I think they are indispensable and capable of covering each other’s shortcomings.”

And Jeno, “I can express it as one thing. They’re like onions. You can always see a new side of them. Every time you peel them, it’s something novel. Our members are like onions.”


Beyond LIVE, which first started on April 26, is the world’s first online-only series of paid concerts, with advanced technology and performances, that SM Entertainment aims for in the future of concerts. NCT 127 will perform on May 17.