Producer Lee Soo Man will be in charge of the online K-Pop performance of the ‘Korea Companion Sale Special Event’, giving the world an enjoyable time together.


According to SM Entertainment on July 2, the ‘Korea Companion Sale Special Event’ organized by the South Korean government is part of the ‘Korea Companion Sale’ to boost consumer sentiment, which has become sluggish due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and support small and medium-sized businesses. It is held for three days from July 1 to 3, and attention is focused on the special non-face-to-face K-Pop performance and live commerce broadcasts.

Producer Lee Soo Man is the one to direct the non-face-to-face K-POP performance, which will be broadcast live on July 3 from Sungnyemun Gate in Seoul and KSPO Dome in Olympic Park. He takes the lead by planning the entire performance, from the ceremony to the colorful stage of K-pop stars, and participating in the production of various contents presented through the performance.

Lee Soo Man will use augmented reality (AR) technology, interactive communication, and colorful artwork technologies, which were recently unveiled at Beyond LIVE, the world’s first online concert by SM Entertainment, to provide a unique experience that can only be enjoyed in online performances.


The SM founder also participated in the production and stage production of ‘We’, the theme song of ‘Korea Companion Sale’, creating a theme song that people from all walks of life can sing together, in order to add meaning to the event, which conveys a message of hope to the people.

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups said, “K-Pop has risen to be the national brand. As the national brand is linked to the competitiveness of economic players, the ‘Korea Companion Sale’ is creating a new genre called the non-face-to-face K-sales. In this regard, it is significant that the pioneer of K-Pop will participate as the general director of the event and convey hope.”

In addition, K-pop representative artists such as Super Junior-K.R.Y., Red Velvet, and NCT DREAM will join the K-Pop performance. From 9 PM KST on July 3, the event will be broadcast live around the world through MBC, YouTube, and Naver V LIVE, which is expected to draw keen attention.