Super Junior KRY (Kyu Hyun, Ryeo Wook and Yesung) decorated the cover of Billboard Korea Magazine No. 4, which captured their fans’ hearts by their handsomeness.


In this pictorial, Super Junior-K.R.Y. shot a heartwarming concept featuring the friendship of the three, creating a scene-like image in a youth movie. The people in the pictorial stare at the camera with drowsy eyes, and sometimes evoke innocence with a bright smile.

In an interview with the photo shoot, Super Junior-K.R.Y. talked about its first mini-album, “When We Were Us,” and shared their thoughts, “We wanted to show the most Korean-style music rather than something new. That was an authentic ballad”.

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They also added, “We are also grateful for such modifiers, rather than pressure, for the modifier ‘the first unit of K-pop.’ We are still active, so we feel proud of ourselves and work harder”.