Lee Hyori has posted on her own Instagram account, sharing a funny letter that she received from Rain‘s fans.

Lee Hyori is currently promoting in the “Hanging out with Yoo?” project group SSAK3 as Linda G alongside Rain (B-Ryong) and Yoo Jae Suk (Yoo Dragon). On July 31, she uploaded a photo of a letter on her Instagram with the caption, “Thanks to ‘world cloud,’” the name of a global fan club for Rain.

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To ‘the prettiest in the world’ Linda G Hyori unnie [older female friend],

Thank you for being the best partner to our youngest member B-Ryong on-stage, off-stage, and everywhere else. We tend to live vicariously through you whenever you scoldB-Ryong. Why is that? There is no one else to do that except Hyori unnie. Amidst your scolding and your ‘I hate seeing you’ comments is B-Ryong’s growing popularity. In these trying times, we want to sincerely thank you for bringing laughs to each and every corner of our world. Thanks to you, we are very happy this summer.

Yours truly, ‘B-Ryong’s’ ‘World Cloud’


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SSAK3 most recently took their first-ever win on “M Countdown” with their song “Beach Again.”