Former X1 member Lee Eun Sang will publish his first photo book.

On the afternoon of April 19, Lee Eun Sang published two photos through his official Instagram. In the photos, Lee Eun Sang appeared with a slightly exposed face behind the white veil like a naughty child, and also sparked the curiosity of fans with the caption “Waiting is happiness”.


On April 21, through his personal Instagram, he once again announced the release of his first photo book, ‘As Promise‘, and revealed that the photos published on April 19 was a spoiler for magazine publishing.

With the meaning “As a promise” of Lee Eun Sang photo book this time, Lee Eun Sang promised to bring fans more things in the near future and promised to quickly see you again with look better. It is known that Lee Eun Sang has prepared with a variety of images to be able to feel the charm that has never been shown before, which are attracting a lot of expectations by fans.


On April 17, Lee Eun Sang opened a personal Instagram account and forecasted a lively exchange with fans when sharing a variety of everyday photos such as backstage photos on As One’s MV ‘February 29’ as the main character in last February. You can watch it here.

Lee Eun Sang’s own photo book ‘As Promised’ will be booked on May 1.