Singer Kim Yo Han, a former member of boy group X1, has shown off his bright visual as the cover model for the May issue of TenStar magazine.


Tenstar magazine, published by TenAsia, released its May issue with Kim Yo Han on April 24.

In the pictorial, which was shot under the concept of ‘Youth Sketch,’ Kim Yo Han proved himself to be the “next generation youth star” following Jung Woo Sung, the epitome of “Youth Star,” and Kang Dong Won.


Recently, Kim Yo Han made headlines after donating 10 million won to help people overcome the COVID-19 crisis. Kim Yo Han said, “I don’t spend money lavishly, but I tend to spend it when I have to. I don’t like doing Dutch pay when I eat with my friends,” adding, “I think the situation is especially difficult now. I donated as much as I could. I hoped the money would be more valuable to others than me.”


He also told the story of his childhood, when he dreamed of becoming a taekwondo national representative. He shared, “Thanks to my father, I naturally encountered taekwondo and started my dream in the first grade of elementary school. I’ve been offered casting offers from several entertainment agencies since I was a sophomore in high school, but I only focused on taekwondo to enter college as a scholarship student.”


Then, he unexpectedly met his current agency and dreamed of becoming an idol. The boy, who only knew taekwondo, had to learn both singing and dancing from the beginning. “The world wasn’t easy,” he said with a smile. “When I said I would become an idol, people around me reacted negatively, but I thought I could do anything. I clenched my teeth to follow my spirit.”


Kim Yo Han, who said he didn’t know how to do anything confidently when he appeared on Mnet’s ‘Produce X 101‘, topped the competition, becoming the center of the group’s X1. But his journey was not smooth. Kim Yo Han, who also had panic due to malicious comments and rumors, confessed, “I thought a lot about whether to give up, but then I tried to do it until it works. ‘If you think you can do it, there’s nothing you can’t do,’ I endured everything with this mindset.”


The most noticeable change he recognized since his debut is his SNS. He said, “I can feel the attention of many people. When I upload a picture on my SNS, I get a lot of hearts and comments. It’s amazing.”

The idol continued, “I want to show my fans various sides of me, including music and acting. I hope my fans will be by my side on my way. I will always live as a humble Kim Yo Han.”