Kim Woo Seok recently gave an interview through his agency, TOP Media, about his solo debut on May 25.

Kim Woo Seok said, “There was a lot of pressure about releasing a solo album for the first time, not only to fans but also to the public. I had a lot of worries. But those feelings turned into excitement as I did my best to make an album that fans and the public could enjoy.”

He continued, “My first solo album, ‘1st DESIRE [GREED],’ is the first in the DESIRE series. It’s about ambition and greed. Because there are three versions, K, W, and S, I tried to put as many diverse sides of myself as possible into the album. I tried diverse genres of music in the album as well.”

Comparing solo to group promotions, he said, “The biggest difference is that what used to be a shared burden, you now have to do all of it alone. Because you have to do it alone, you can’t lose focus for a single moment. The very act of standing on stage becomes more nerve-racking.” He mentioned that he asked the advice of the people around him, including his friends and staff members.

Kim Woo Seok shared a moment from the album production process that stuck in his mind the most. He said, “I finished recording the fan song and got the ‘okay’ from the agency. But something kept bothering me about it, so I rewrote it and recorded it again. It’s a simple melody that’s easy to remember, but because it’s something I prepared especially for fans, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

About his fan song, “Beautiful,” he said, “I wrote the song with this message in mind: I will find you, just as you did for me. Nobody was looking for me until my fans (Nia) found me. I wanted to tell them that I am grateful and that I will always find them.”

He continued, “I have a lot of affection for the song ‘Do U Like.’ It was the last song to be chosen for the album, but it’s a song that I’d written a while ago. I thought a lot about it. But when I listened to it, I thought about the memories of the past. It felt a bit nostalgic, so that’s why I have a lot of affection for it.”

Kim Woo Seok shared that he starts writing songs with a major theme in mind. “I don’t have a unique process to songwriting and producing,” he said. “I try to capture the emotions I’m feeling at that particular moment.”

Kim Woo Seok released his first solo album, “1st DESIRE [GREED],” and title track “Red Moon” on May 25. Check out the MV here!