Kim Woo Seok released a new music video ‘Red Moonfor debut solo album1ST DESIRE GREED‘!

On May 25, Kim Woo Seok released debut solo album ‘1ST DESIRE GREED’. This is the first version in the series album ‘DESIRE’ of him. The solo singer expressed his ambition story in 3 different versions of K, W, and S, thereby showing Kim Woo Seok’s diverse charisma.


Wooseok’s first solo album consists of a total of seven tracks, and he participates in most of the tracks including ‘Do U Like’ and ‘Beautiful’ as well as the title song ‘Red Moon’. It clearly showed and improved the completeness of the album.

The title song ‘Red Moon’ is a song filled with a tense sound with heavy bass and electric guitar, co-produced by himself to better capture the musical color of Kim Woo Seok. Lyrics like a fantastic love wrapped in a veil-like ‘Red moonlight gradually falling out of the darkness and two shadows that become one with red breath’ maximized the sexiness and changed emotions his explosive vocals made the music impressive. In particular, he announced the sniping of the fan mind through the performance that gave points with the restrained sexy beauty, and added a fun to see through the colorful movement changes that can’t take his eyes from the beginning to the end.


Check out the music video below to support for debut solo of Kim Woo Seok: