Mixed group KARD has announced to make their return to the K-Pop scene this August with a new single.


DSP Media uploaded a mysterious poster on its official SNS channel on August 17. The released poster features KARD’s single’s tile, ‘Way With Words’, and its comeback date, August 26, with a sensuous image that seems to express a broken heart under the theme of black and white.

The news of KARD’s comeback is already drawing keen attention from fans. In particular, the expression ‘Way With Words’, which means ‘speak well’, is adding to the curiosity about the new music that KARD will present.

‘Way With Words’ will be KARD’s first single and will contain three songs with various charms. In particular, member BM will show off his musical ability by writing, composing, and arranging all the songs, and J.seph also participated in writing the lyrics of the entire songs, adding to the expectation.


According to DSP Media, KARD plans to communicate with fans with various contents such as concept photos and music video teasers after the revealed poster.

Earlier, KARD celebrated their 3th debut anniversary on July 19.