Kang Daniel, who made his comeback recently with the first mini-album ‘Cyan‘, showed off his unrivaled charm in his latest pictorial with star1 magazine.


In the pictorial released on April 17, Kang Daniel melt fans’ heart with his natural charm, along with his fashionable look.

Kang Daniel, who has been on stage for a long time, confessed about his first mini album, “Everything felt like the first time, since I made my comeback after a sudden hiatus.”


When asked what he wanted the public to think about when hearing the name ‘Kang Daniel’, he replied, “I would appreciate them for just recognizing me as Kang Daniel.” However, he expressed his wish, saying, “In the past, I felt pressured by the burden of my name,” and added, “I want to become a person who leads my name without being swayed or dragged by fame.”


He also replied, “I want to hear that I have overturned the stage of the year-end awards ceremony,” and added that he would like to be recognized by many people.

As for the first solo reality show ‘Hello, Daniel,’ which was released with the comeback, he said, “I was happy to come back at the right time as much as I needed time to reload.”