HyunA has postponed her comeback schedule which was supposed to happen on August 28 as she is suffering from vasovagal problems.


HyunA’s agency P Nation announced the decision to postpone her activities on August 22. The full statement reads

“Hello, this is P NATION.
Our artist HyunA has temporarily postponed her new song release and activities due to health reasons, and we are officially announcing her position here.
Starting with the release of her new single, HyunA has been preparing more passionately than anyone else, taking a long time to release her first full-length album this year.
Since last year, HyunA confessed to the public that she had been diagnosed with depression and panic disorder and was diagnosed with vasovagal syncope. She has been continuously receiving treatment for a long time to show the best performance in her single scheduled for next week and full-length album scheduled for the second half of the year.”


“However, despite the constant will and effort, there have recently been situations in which she fainted.
As the agency has a duty to protect the artists, we have come to the conclusion that at this point, what she needs is sufficient treatment and stability.
As a result, the single’s release and activities that were scheduled for next week are very difficult to proceed, and we would like to temporarily postpone the activities until her health recovers.
We will do everything we can to help Hyuna regain her stability and resume her activities in a healthy manner.
We’d like to express our concern to all the people involved, including the fans who have been waiting for her comeback.
We are really sorry.”

Earlier, HyunA planned to release a new product on August 26. The product of the female singer named ‘Good Girl‘ is composed and produced by Caesar & Loui and Maya Keuc. The former 4Minute member is in charge of the lyrics.