These KPop Relationships Will Arouse Your Believe In True Love

These KPop Relationships Will Arouse Your Believe In True Love

While dating in the K-pop industry is often seen as a bad thing and is banned, these idol couples rose above those standards and announced their relationships.

1. TWICE's Momo and Super Junior's Heechul

Let's go back to Jan. 1, Market News announced that Super Junior member Heechul and TWICE member Momo are in a relationship. Reports of them dating began as early as Aug. 2019, but both Label SJ and JYP Entertainment denied the news at the time. However, on New Year's day of 2020, Label SJ and JYP Entertainment both confirmed the news, saying that they first had a close senior-junior relationship that turned to romantic.

In the past, Heechul has stated that Momo was his ideal type and has fanboyed over her in numerous variety shows. The two got close thanks to their interactions on these shows.

2. HyunA and DAWN

Back in Aug. 2018, There is information that said HyunA and DAWN had been dating since May 2016. When reports about their relationship first emerged, their label at the time, CUBE Entertainment, denied the reports immediately. However, the two idols themselves confirmed their relationship. The two left the company and signed with P Nation. They have been dating for over four years and show no signs of slowing down!

The couple often talks about their relationship in a variety of shows and often updates fans on their relationship through social media.

3. 2AM's Jinwoon and 9Muses' Kyungri

These two have been dating for a while, though it is not known when exactly they started dating. Even they do not know! In the past, Kyungri has stated that they do not know when they started dating and that it just happened naturally. She said that the two say their first day of dating is the day they had the best memories. However, she has stated that they started dating after going on a variety show together in 2017.

Back on Nov. 17, Jinwoon tearfully confessed how grateful he is for his girlfriend. While in the military, she came to almost all his visiting sessions. Kyungri in the past has said that she emails him almost every day while he was in the military. He confessed that he first suggested they break up so she would not have to wait for her, but she insisted that she would wait for him. When reports of them dating came out, Kyungri had to do all the interviews on her own since he was in the military. As he shed tears, the idol gushed about how much he loves her.

4. Crayon Pop's Soyul and H.O.T's Heejun

In Nov 2016, it was announced that Heejun would be getting married, though the identity of the bride was not yet confirmed. By early 2017, the bride was revealed the be Crayon Pop's Soyul! The two were wed on Feb. 12, 2017. Three months later, they welcome their first child on May 12. Their daughter's name is Heeyul, but she is most often referred to as Jamjam.

The couple appeared as a series regular on "Return of Superman," where people could see more of Jamjam, Heejun, and Soyul. Though the show revolved around the daughter and father duo, viewers were also able to see how loving and caring Soyul's relationship with Heejun is. In the past, the couple was flooded with hate comments, accusing Soyul of only marrying Heejun because she was pregnant. In the show, the two squashed those rumors. Soyul herself said that she realized she told Heejun she wanted to marry him after he gifted her walnut cookies!

5. F.T. Island's Minhwan and Yulhee (formerly of LABOUM)

In 2017, FNC Entertainment confirmed that Minhwan was dating former LABOUM member Yulhee. Four months later, Yulhee personally informed fans that he was engaged with Yulhee through an Instagram post and revealed plans to marry her later that year On May 9, 2018, it was announced that Yulhee was pregnant and that they planned to wed on Oct. 19. The duo welcomed their first child, a son named Jaeyul, on May 18. The family joined the cast of "Mr. House Husband" in Jan. 2019.

In the show, fans were able to see the duo's relationship as newlyweds and new parents. Many were in love with how doting the two are to each other and how they were visibly in love with each other. In Aug. 2019, it was announced that Yulhee was expecting twins. On Feb. 11, 2020, Yulhee gave birth to twin girls.