These K-pop idols are truly the epitome of elegance and luxurious beauty! Thus, due to their best quantities that make them stand out among the rest, these female idols are chosen to be the representative of high-end jewelry and accessory brands, which they truly deserve.

Aside from having the stunning visuals, they are also given the privilege to wear the most aesthetic jewelries and accessories, completing their elegance and look. But brace yourself as the actual price of the adornments they wore will surely make your jaw drop!

5. BLACKPINK – Jennie


The “Human Chanel” and fashion industry’s favorite, Jennie, sits at No. 5 on this list! Prior to their second single “Ice Cream” x Selena Gomez, BLACKPINK dominated the music scene and fashion industry first with “How You Like That,” when she was seen wearing a chain necklace from Shay.


The jumbo link necklace worth $77,700, and is made up of 18K white gold and pave diamonds!

4. Red Velvet – Irene


In 2019, The main visual and leader of Red Velvet left everyone in awe when she graced the 2019 KBS Music Festival as the host. Irene‘s beauty stood out the most, wearing a black fitted tube dress that goes really well with her elegant beauty.

But what caught the attention of the netizens and fans the most was her attention-stealing diamond necklace, which was later on revealed to cost a whopping $232,000!


3. Red Velvet – Joy

In July, Joy of Red Velvet attended the 26th Dream Concert, clad in sophisticated garb, from her jewelry to clothing that all in all complemented her stunning beauty! The fashion icon wore a simple black dress with her long hair flowing as it is.


In the photos shared by the idol-actress, fans were surprised to see her necklace, which actually costs $374, 364!

According to fans and netizens, the high-end necklace, which is a mastercraft of TASAKI called, “Spinner necklace,” can actually buy a whole new house!

Furthermore, fans noticed that she also wore earrings from the same brand, costing $52,759! Classy Joy indeed!


2. Former Girls’ Generation – Jessica Jung

At the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, Jessica, singer, actress, fashion icon, and former member of Girls’ Generation, stunned the whole attendees with her dreamy vibes while dressed in a fancy, elegant gown. On top of this, Jessica made everyone’s eye on her after flaunting a full set of Shards of Mirror (Messika) including earrings, ring, bracelet, and necklace, which cost a whopping $824,700!




Rosé, the main vocalist of the K-pop girl group BLACKPINK, proves that she’s indeed a fashion icon who deserves the best! On her recent photoshoot for W Korea for its October issue, the female idol wore her approximately $885,000 Tiffany & Co. necklace, complemented by her luxurious visual and elegance.


The magazine focused on the 2020 F/W fashion trends, and the idol’s digital photos were posted on W Korea’s Instagram account, wearing a luxury set from the brand.

In one of her photos where she’s seen in a black dress, Rosé proved her influence as the dress sold out immediately upon the release of the shots!