Girl group Girls’ Generation celebrated their 13th anniversary. The eight members gathered in one place to celebrate their debut day, showing off their friendship.

In light of the special occasion, all 8-members of the legendary girl group came together for a stylish, classy celebration, dressed in all-black! The occasion also marks member Tiffany Young‘s birthday, and Girls’ Generation can be seen celebrating both special events, demonstrating their unchanging friendship.


First, leader Taeyeon said, “It’s the 13th anniversary of Girls’ Generation. Thank you and congratulations to S♡NE and all the members who have been with us for a long time. It’s very precious and thankful to think about the fact that there are so many people who can share and feel the emotions I feel in my life. Since there is always no end to sausage, let’s cheer for the happy days that we will have in the future. I’ll be thankful and have a good day. Wish and Soshi, be happy.”

Yuri said, “Girls’ Generation, thank you so much for shining my youth in the name of Sowon. Members, fans. It’s only our 13th anniversary, so let’s take it slow and stay together. Even on our 20th and 30th anniversary,”.

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Sunny added, “Girls’ Generation! Congratulations on your 13th anniversary! A wish that you’ve been with me. Thanks to you, sometimes I’m having fun and happy walking on rough roads!! Please stay by my side. Our youth, our overwhelming joy. Let’s stay together for a long time”.


Hyo Yeon said, “I think we’ve always been able to achieve more than that because of each other’s trust and passion. And faith and love with our wishes. Uhehe. Congratulations on your 13th anniversary. Branch office, front office, and forever Girls’ Generation! “I compliment you, Soshi, who is so united“.

Thank you for always making me look forward to and dream more. I love you now, forever and ever. Girls’ Generation and wish. Congratulations on your 13th anniversary,” Tiffany thanked the members and fans.

So Young sent a message to the fans., “The thirteenth summer together, thank you for still having my people by my side. We hope that the long cry in front of Ji So-young’s office will soothe your hearts and make you feel lucky to like Girls’ Generation next year”.


And the maknae Seohyun said, “Today is the 13th year since we’ve been together. All the most brilliant moments of my life were with my sisters and wishes. Thank you and I love you so much. Let’s be together forever”.

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The photo released by the members is a day when the members gathered together to mark Tiffany’s birthday recently. The members are all dressed in black to match the dress code. The meticulousness of wearing a mask stands out. Furthermore, the Girls’ Generation members decided to greet their fans together for the first time in a very long time with a video message! The short greeting video warmed fans’ hearts as the group sent out their love for SONEs, and ended with, “Right now it’s Girls’ Generation!”