On July 28, SM Entertainment confirmed with various media outlets that Girls’ Generation Yuri will be returning to acting soon in a new mini drama, ‘Breakup Probation, A Week’.

According to SME, “Yuri has been cast as the female lead Park Ga Ram in a new mini drama called ‘Breakup Probation, One Week‘.” 


The romance mini drama tells the story of a woman who must break up with her boyfriend within a week to save his life. Yuri is expected to greet viewers with a stark transformation in her upcoming role as Park Ga Ram, a character whose heart is full of grief from past traumas.

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Meanwhile, filing for ‘Breakup Probation, One Week’ begins this week. The series is set to premiere via SBS‘s cable stations and online streaming platforms. Stay tuned and wait for Girls’ Generation Yuri ‘s more information.