Lee Ji Eun (birth name) also known as IU, is one of South Korea’s most successful singer, actress, songwriter, and producer. In Asia, IU is known for her music, acting, talent, and beauty. As an appreciation of the beautiful singer, here are five things that make IU one of the most beautiful girl in the world.

1) She’s A Natural Beauty

Although IU has been the subject of many plastic surgery rumors, she is a natural beauty. IU’s childhood pictures tell us that she is born beautiful. As a child, the singer had big rounded eyes, double eyelids, sweet cherry lips, and a cute nose. Plus her demure baby face is so adorable.

IU is also pretty without make-up. Have you watched IU in “My Ajusshi?” If you watch this drama, you’ll see that IU is an everyday beauty (ordinary yet sweet and elegant).

2) She’s Like Fairy Tale Princess When She Doll-Up

Without make-up, IU is an everyday beauty. But when she doll-up, IU looks like a fairy tale princess. She looks so alluring, almost like a real-life Snow White. Can’t blame all the guys who go goo-goo- gaga over her.

3) IU Isn’t Shy To Bring Out The Mickey In Her

The singer often makes funny faces during interviews, photoshoots, and some of her selfie pictures on her Instagram account @dlwlrma. IU still look adorable with her funny faces.

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4) She’s Humble

Besides physical beauty, IU also has inner beauty in her. During an interview with Ceci Magazine, the singer revealed that she has low self-esteem and is still working on improving herself. She told Ceci Magazine about how she uses this self-consciousness to remember that she should not become arrogant. Reading IU’s story makes us fall in love even more with the down to earth K-Pop idol.

5) IU Has A Heart Of Gold

Besides enjoying her life as a celebrity, IU contributed a lot in charity work. In 2015, IU donated $100,000 USD to help the children in need. The singer did not wish to reveal her good deed to the media. However, a journalist finds out the news and covered IU’s donation to the charity in the media. From that news, more journalists began covering IU’s charity work. They find out that IU has been supporting scholarships at the high school she used to go, to send four outstanding students in need of college. Besides supporting scholarships, IU also donated books to the school’s library and sent supporting funds for educational purposes. This is one of the strong reasons why IU the most beautiful girl in the world. IU has courage and kindness in her. Courage and kindness are the two keys for a woman to be beautiful.

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IU is more than just a pretty face. Her story inspires fans and makes them believe in being kind and humble. Besides being kind and humble, IU also inspires by working hard and never giving up her dreams.

Every year, IU improved as a singer and actress. Her acting in Netflix’s original Persona was awesome. In Persona, IU proved that she is versatile. She can carry different kinds of characters – good, sweet, naughty, playful, and even evil.