IU donates 100 million Won for her 12th anniversary

IU donates 100 million Won for her 12th anniversary

IU donated 100 million Won for her 12th anniversary since debut!


On September 18, her label EDAM Entertainment revealed IU donated 100 million Won ($86,129.31 USD) under her fan club name IUAENA. The singer-songwriter donated 50 million Won ($43,064.65 USD) to Snail of Love and 50 million Won to the Korean Unwed Mothers' Families Association.


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On her label's Instagram account, IU expressed, "Just like how violets are more beautiful when they bloom together, it's better to shine together than alone. IU and UAENA shine the most when we're together. With our fragile but silently sparkling hearts, I made a warm donation in our name to worthy causes. Thank you, and I love you, UAENA."



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Congratulations to IU and UAENA on 12 years!