EXO-SC has released a music video of Chanyeol ‘s solo track ‘Nothin‘, preparing to get ready for their official return on July 13th.


The video puts a spotlight on Chanyeol’s new solo track “Nothin’,” which he took part in writing the lyrics for and composing. It is a hip-hop R&B song that Chanyeol wrote and composed himself, harmonizing dreamy electronic guitar sounds with heavy beats, and the lyrics express his firm determination to silently go his own way without paying attention to the surrounding gaze. The track will be included in EXO-SC’s first full album “1 Billion Views,” which is due out on July 13.


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In addition, on July 7th, the two singers have made fans surprise by releasing ‘Telephone’ MV featuring 10cm ahead their official comeback. And EXO-Sc ‘s first full-length album “1 billion views” contains a total of nine tracks, including the title track “1 billion views,” and all the songs will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on July 13.


>>> Check out Chanyeol ‘s solo track ‘Nothin‘ here: