EXO Lay makes his fans surprised by announcing to open his own entertainment company with a requirement, “The trainees must beat me“.

After 3 seasons of Produce, EXO Lay decided to train his own Trainee.


Lay recently announced he will open his own entertainment company called Zhang Chromosome Entertainment Group. In the announcement video about the new management company, Lay appeared in a ‘cool look’, describing his arduous trainee process, the way to perfect all three skills in dancing, rapping, and sing by hisself.

Obviously, in the hundreds of trainees who debut each year, despite their immense talent and appearance, how many people can survive, dream of being able to support themselves. So the EXO member wants to open a company that can serve as a place for talented young people, helping those talented people to have a platform to focus on developing their talents and careers. me.

When looking at the selection announcement, one can see that the male singer’s selection criteria are very clear, he wants to find people with equal talents, not too inclined to one side. Or possessing an outstanding skill but has the ability to adapt quickly.

  • Subject: From 13-18 years old
  • Areas: Rap, Dance, Vocal, Almighty.
  • Rap / Sing: Record 1 minute long video of a lyrical song with high notes, 1 song (1 minute) gently without accompaniment.
  • Dance: Hiphop, Kpop, Free- Style, …
  • Personal skills: 30 seconds time to show off.
  • Dream: Presentation of dreams (30 seconds)

The special point in the enrollment video, the male singer has also timely finalized with an extremely important criterion: ‘The lowest idol standard must be like LAY, I have only one request for you. That’s beat me! ‘


Defeating me‘ here is not only about talent but also about the idol’s hard work, love to be an idol that brings positive energy to everyone, loves music like a male singer. or more. The male singer hopes that his debut trainee can ‘beat’ himself because Lay humbly thinks he is the lowest standard of an idol.