Baekhyun from boy group EXO has become the new face of the Korean beauty brand Tirtir.


“Baekhyun, who is enjoying the highest popularity not only in the country but also in the world, has been selected as the best model to help the company enter global markets such as China and Japan in the future,” said a representative for the brand on April 28. “Baekhyun will continue various activities at his home country and abroad as a model for Tirtir, starting with the release of this ad cut, which was taken with our major products.”

Baekhyun is not only a member of EXO but also of SM Entertainment’s super group SuperM, and has been on the stage all over the world beyond South Korea and Asia, topping the U.S. Billboard chart last year. Not only because he is popular abroad, but he has also been chosen as the face of Tirtir thanks to his outstanding appearance and healthy image among many Korean Wave stars. For this reason, expectations are rising that he will be able to join hands with Tirtir to lead the K-beauty market after K-pop.


“Baekhyun’s clean and healthy energy is well matched with the image Tirtir pursues,” The brand added. “I hope Baekhyun will become a new driving force and firmly expand his position as a K-beauty model in the future ahead of his full-fledged entry into overseas markets.”