Eric Nam finally comes back by dropping his official music video for the title track ‘Paradise‘ at 6.PM KST on July 30th.

Eric Nam showed a more evolved musical spectrum in his first new album in eight months since his English album “Before We Begin” released last year. Participating in the entire album, he completed a well-made album with fresh summer energy and released it to music fans.


The title track “Paradise” is a song about longing for freedom and hope to escape the frustrating reality. Eric Nam participated in writing and composing the song himself, and the band DAY6 Young K helped write the lyrics. Cool yet heavy guitar riffs and synthesizers are attractive.

The song begins with realistic lyrics that everyone can relate to every day of ordinary daily life, “I’ve been stuck in a cage for too long, and I’ve forgotten all about escaping. Freedom is getting farther and farther away. I don’t want to believe it’s all, but the world outside the window feels far away.”

In the MV, Eric Nam goes through a long day of work before breaking out into a different life. “Paradise” is the title song of his fourth mini album ‘The Other Side‘, and it’s about people who long to escape from a frustrating reality.

Check out the official music video ‘Paradise’ here: