Editor Kang Kook Hwa Speaks Up After Getting Apology From Irene, Hoping To End The Issue

Editor Kang Kook Hwa Speaks Up After Getting Apology From Irene, Hoping To End The Issue

On October 23, Kang Kook Hwa, the 15-year editor who started the controversy surrounding Irene of Red Velvet, once agai...

On October 23, Kang Kook Hwa, the 15-year editor who started the controversy surrounding Irene of Red Velvet, once again spoke up and hope to end the issue after getting the idol's apology.


Here is the full text posted on Kang Kook Hwa's Instagram story:

“I was traumatized and this scar will never be erased or forgotten. However, I wanted to receive an apology directly from C to protect my dignity, and I met C and a person in charge of company B. To make yesterday's meeting possible, it took a lot of time and some negotiations.

The reason I haven't done anything since the original post is because I had to make an incredibly sensible and wise decision at all times, to be prepared for this situation. The biggest reason is that I don't want to make a bigger misunderstanding, and I don't want to fuel groundless speculations or controversies.

As soon as the incident happened, I thought there was no reason for me to act unthoughtfully, because the staff of company B who hired me and the managers at the scene knew about the incident and apologized for her misconduct.

I have never been a stylist for C's group, and on October 20 I was just a third party who took care of the costumes for that day's recording. I received the invitation for this work first on October 5th, then after getting the official information on October 6, I prepared everything at the request of company B and C's group for the next 15 days.


The reason I wrote it was my first encounter with C was because I didn't remember having worked with C back in 2016 during a magazine photo session (I also confirmed this during our meeting yesterday).

Since it happened not only to me but also to another editor and an assistant who helped me finish my work, those two attended the meeting with me to accept C's apology and talk to C and the person in charge of company B. The two of them were both apologized by C.

I originally thought there was no need to respond to careless malicious comments from C's fans. I still think so. I didn't make any other moves because what I wanted, when I first thought about revealing the incident, was to make C promise not to do the same with anyone in the future, and apologize to me and the two on my team that day in person.

That is my ultimate goal and intention. I got an official apology yesterday and stopped everything simply because I have achieved my goal.

There is no such thing as money used for settling this issue as some people imagine and make up. The word 'settle' was never even spoken in the meeting yesterday. It was not a settlement, but an apology.


I have to protect myself until the end. Since I understand clearly there should be no reason to be attacked by crazy people. In order to avoid more misunderstandings, at the meeting yesterday, we asked Companies B and C to give an official apology, including admitting the wrongdoing, apologizing and promising not to do it again in the future. For me, I will also be the last person to express my opinion on the incident through this post.

I am just a human being. I always do my best in all roles, assigned jobs, live up to what I think I should do. I'm a mortal and sometimes make mistakes. Maybe I'm a bad person in someone's eyes, and a good person to others. Just like C. But I cannot say that this is just my personal matter.

This was an act to protect the minimum dignity and restore the honor of my colleagues and me, after going through the disrespects.

I will work hard and do my best to overcome these scars, then return to my own place and continue my lifeas usual. I will not respond or take any further action regarding this incident. It was not for me, but for C, who had the courage to go to the meeting yesterday. Therefore, if you are sincere fans of C, I hope you do not go beyond the limit. Your words don't hurt me, nor do they have a positive effect on C's image.


In the end, since the incident was quite serious, I foresaw my personal information being breached and rumors constantly popping up. Although this is something I cannot prevent no matter what I do, I think it is a wise decision to stop here. I have prepared myself for this.

This post has been long enough. From my side, I have no choice but to post it. Personally, I would like to sincerely apologize to the staff of company B for causing trouble.

Lastly, I sincerely ask those who are reading these lines a favor. I hope you can put an end to all the articles and news, they will only tear open the scar and hurt people. Thank you."

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