CHUNGHA has released her PRE-RELEASE SINGLE #2 PLAY (feat. CHANGMO) through various music sites at 6 PM KST July 6th.

PLAY” is a Latin pop with various elements of reggaeton arranged in sections, followed by the deep night voice expressed by the previous single “Stay Tonight,” which tells the story of a more beautiful and hot afternoon than at night as the boundaries between day and night are blurred.


The song also combines lyrics filled with powerful and bold words like the height of the midsummer sun, acoustic guitar sounds, synthesizer sounds, and brass sections.

In particular, the relationship between the two, which began with the featuring in “REMEDY,” released by Changmo in December last year, led to “PLAY,” which helped Changmo this time. Changmo’s featuring is a perfect blend, offering a new narrative.

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Chungha is further raising expectations for her first full-length album with her second pre-released single “PLAY.” The full-length album consists of different musical colors and themes for each track, with pieces of music from various genres, including “Stay Tonight” and “PLAY,” to draw her in depth.

Meanwhile, the singer will hold the 2020 Chungha Online Fan Meeting ‘Byulharang of Chungha Country’ on the 19th to meet fans.

>>>Check out ‘PLAY’ official music video here: