In addition to the release of the MV “Lovesick Girls”, the entire first studio album of BLACKPINK along with Bet You Wanna – the song that combines Cardi B – was also released at the same time.


“Bet You Wanna” is a song in English 100%, expressing BLACKPINK’s ambition to go even stronger. The combination between the YG girlgroup and Cardi B is an R&B-oriented song with a vibrant melody.

This is also one of the most elaborate and sophisticated tracks in THE ALBUM with 7 musicians – producers participating in the production, including: Tommy Brown (producer famous for making the hit 7 rings. by Ariana Grande), Steven Franks, Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic leader and world hitmaker), Melanie Fontana, Belcalis Almanzar (Cardi B’s real name), Torae Carr, Jonathan Descartes.


Cardi B’s rap part is surprising as well as a bit of a light “shortfall” when completely … “clean”, without the 16+ lyrics commonly seen in Cardi B’s fiery raps. Her signature rap voice and flow have contributed to the song “Bet You Wanna” more impressive.

However, if the audience looks forward to a song with a very “harsh” melody and lyrics when the name Cardi B appears, you may be a bit “disappointed” because of the whole “Bet You Wanna”. good “than we expected.


In particular, about Cardi B’s performance in Bet You Wanna, Ryan Tedder also shared a few minutes ago on the live stream to listen to THE ALBUM with fans on Apple Music: “Cardi B just does what she wants. She wants to work with BLACKPINK. She ignored a series of other collaborations.”

It can be seen that the owner of the hit WAP for BLACKPINK has a lot of favors when he is willing to ignore another series of invitations to collaborate in a B-side track like Bet You Wanna.


In front of many requests from worldwide audiences about the release of MV for Bet You Wanna, Cardi B also posted a tweet. Specifically, a fan posted the status line: “Bet You Wanna, without being chosen as a single, is sad!”, “Comedian” Cardi B shared this status line and said: “Should we do … no? I intend to, too!”, the female rapper left blank at three dots, but the audience all over the world read on everyone understand she also thought of implementing MV for Bet You Wanna.