Actor Seo Ji Hoon has been cast as the lead role of the upcoming drama ‘Blue Sky’, which features BTS‘s worldview.


An official from the drama bureau told DailySports on August 24 that, “Seo Ji Hoon has joined the main cast of the drama ‘Blue Sky’, produced by the entertainment company Green Snake. The other cast members playing BTS have also been decided.”

All the actors who will play the seven members of BTS, the backbone of the story, have been casted. Seo Ji Hoon, rookies and actors from various careers have been cast. Originally, the first shooting was planned to begin at the end of this month, but ‘Blue Sky’ is considering the situation as other dramas, movies and entertainment productions have been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


‘Blue Sky’ depicts BTS members from their school days until after their debut. Fictional details will be added to the story as well as their memories while being students. The names of the characters are not the real names of the members, and it is still a question on which member will be matched by which character.

Producer Kim Jae Hong, who co-directed JTBC’s ‘Blooded Palace: The War of Flowers’, ‘Your Neighbor’s Wife’, ‘Steal Heart’ and ‘Beloved Eun-dong’, will be in charge of directing the drama. It is written by Kim Soo Jin, who co-wrote ‘Old Miss Diary’, ‘I Live in Cheongdam-dong’ and ‘Awl’.

The BTS-based drama is currently discussing its broadcast schedule.