Bodyfriend said on April 16 that they has selected BTS as their new advertising model and has been playing advertising videos on broadcasting networks as well as online platforms since April 14.


In the released ad video, each member of BTS revealed his character under the concept of “BTS in BODYFRIEND” and showed a natural self-management by using a Bodyfriend massage chair in real life. In particular, each member’s usual appearance was captured in the advertisement, and it was filled with a number of meaningful detailed that can be easily recognized by BTS fans.


“BTS’s message to the public to love themselves is in line with Bodyfriend’s brand philosophy,” a Bodyfriend official said. “Just as BTS rose to the top of the world with their own stories and methods, Bodyfriend also created a new market with extraordinary challenging spirit and execution and selected them as our model.”


The ad campaign video consists of a total of six episodes, and will be released sequentially, including on broadcasting networks and on YouTube, starting with two episodes from April 14. Each episode is 30 seconds long and the entire episode will be released on the Bodyfriend YouTube channel.

In addition, the behind-the-scenes footage of the ad will be exclusively released at 124 direct marketplaces across the country. The behind-the-scenes film contains behind-the-scenes stories, including the members’ playful appearance during the commercial shoot.

In addition, Bodyfriend will host a family health promotion campaign called ‘BTS in BODYFRIEND’ with BTS. Any rental or purchase of Bodyfriend massage chair will come with a photo card with the signature of all members (sent in a separate package).