BoA has shared her feelings about the singing process for 20 years when communicating with fans to celebrate her 20th anniversary since her debut.


BoA hosted ‘BoA Still Our No.1? BoA Debut 20th Anniversary Special V LIVE‘ through Naver V Live SMTOWN channel at 8:25 p.m. on the 25th.

It feels like yesterday we had a fan meeting to celebrate our 10th anniversary, but time really flies,” BoA said. “Thank you for loving us without a change. I want to see my new fans and face, but I’m having an online party because of the pandemic”.


She also revealed that she was working very hard for the new album, and expressed her pity because the postpone of her concert due to Covid-19.

Fans prepared various gifts such as cafes and subway electronic boards to celebrate our 20th anniversary. I went to see subway electronic boards once and I heard that there are a lot of post-its attached to them these days. I should go see it one more time. I’m really happy to celebrate a lot of things,” she said.


In addition, the singer posted on her Instagram account a photo with caption “Thank you. BOA 20, singer BoA’s 20th birthday. Congrats congrats. There are still 107 years until BoA’s 127th anniversary” for her anniversary.