During the Twitter Blueroom LIVE Q&A of BLACKPINK, 4 girls have sat down and comfortably shared about their thoughts towards the group’s schedule and doing a Q&A section.

The girls went for a comfy but fashionable outfits in front of a dark-colored background with the hashtag #TwitterBlueroom LIVE Q&A led.


In this live, BLACKPINK became album designers when 4 girls separately decorated 4 versions of “THE ALBUM” in their own style.

Jennie chose the silver version and she went for a chic, modern style of decorating. She took advantage of the black cover and used a lot of white-colored words, as well as colorful stickers and “Blink” stickers in the middle of the cover.


For Lisa, she was responsible for the pink version therefore she chose the cute vibe for decorating. The album looked like a sweet candy-wrapped with lots of colorful heart and smiling face all over the pink background. Lisa didn’t forget to write her name “Lisa” on it.

Meanwhile, Jisoo made the rainbow album looked like a lovely picture of peace with pigeon stickers and tons of purple hearts. She glued the small hearts into a big heart surrounded the BLACKPINK name in the center.


Last but not least we have black cover of Rosé – who was truly a promoter when she wrote all of the songs on the cover. The main vocal of the group proved herself to be an aesthetic designers when she added smiley pictures in lovely pastel colors. She even wrote her members’ nickname as Lili for Lisa, Ruby Jane for Jennie, Sooya for Jisoo and Rosie for herself.

Then, the girls were also asked to pose two different styles: pink for the cutesy and feminist side and black for a more badass look.


Let’s take a look at the girls and admire their gorgeous visuals below!