In an interview with Associated Press shared on their YouTube channel on October 1, Thursday, BLACKPINK opened up about their feelings on working with Cardi B, as well as other big-name American artists.


When the girls were told they were going to work with Cardi B on their song “Bet You Wanna”, they could not believe it. “We were screaming! We were screaming,” Rosé said. Even as they talk about, the girls look giddy and excited, obviously overjoyed that they were able to work with someone they admire so much.

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Jennie piped up that it was the first time having a rapper feature on their music. The first two Western artists they collaborated with, Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez, are both vocalists. “As soon as we heard the verse, we were like ‘oh my God, stop it!'” Jennie and the girls said.

Rosé said when they first heard the track, they asked the producers to stop the song from processing what was happening. “It’s crazy,” Jennie said, to which Rosé agreed, repeating the same words.

The girls of BLACKPINK also mentioned their past collaboration with Lady Gaga for the song “Sour Candy”. Jennie mentions that the girls are included in Lady Gaga’s album, and that is a memory the girls will cherish forever. The girls even take this time to thank Mother Monster for letting them feature.

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“It’s crazy because, you know, I grew up listening to her on the radio. She was always on the radio,” Rosé shared. “I remember when we were talking to her, she was so sweet, so down to earth, so down to work with is. It seemed like she was very genuine about it.”

In the interview, they also talked about their pre-release single, “Ice Cream”, where they worked with Selena Gomez. Jennie said that when they were thinking about possible features for the song, the girls all thought of Selena Gomez. “And then it actually came true and then we made it happen. And the fact that she showed us so much support and how excited she was to work with us… Yeah, the process was so easy.”

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During the interview, the girls brought up how far the artists were, with BLACKPINK in South Korea, and everyone else in the United States. They’re from two different worlds, but they made it work. “You know, even though we’re kind of far away from America. The fact that they are reaching out to us and the fact that they are featuring us,” Jennie started. “That move kind of shows…”

As Jennie was lost for words, Rosé piped up for her, saying, “That there are no boundaries.” Jennie agreed, saying that there are no boundaries and that they are thankful these artists want to come together with them to make something fun. “It’s a great feeling, and we are so lucky we were able to make this happen.”