BLACKPINK‘s documentary, BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, was recently released, and it goes in-depth about the group’s journey from their trainee days to the present. In the documentary, Lisa and Rosé spoke a bit about their bond with each other.

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Lisa shared that she first met Rosé on the elevator in the YG Entertainment building.

The two admitted that when they first met, it was a bit awkward. Rosé also shared that she was a bit nervous when she first met Lisa as Lisa was a senior trainee at the company. They didn’t even look right at each other’s eyes!


Lisa got a little competitive when she saw Rosé for the first time, which intimidated Rosé a bit.

“She (Lisa) thought I was competition, and I was just like really intimidated.” – Rosé.

However, this awkwardness didn’t last long, as the two soon formed a strong bond due to their similarities.


The two hung out so much that Lisa started to talk like Rosé, as she started to get an Australian accent!

“She (Lisa) started getting an Australian accent. She still has it sometimes.” – Rosé shared.


Rosé also spoke on how difficult it was to move away from her family when she became a trainee. However, she was able to find a sister in Lisa, who helped make this a bit easier.

“I grew up with a sister. Think about not having a sister, but Lisa was there.” – the main vocal of BLACKPINK explained her feelings.

Watch the full conversation of them below!