BIGBANG And BLACKPINK Solo To Happen in December 2020?

BIGBANG And BLACKPINK Solo To Happen in December 2020?

As time flies and the end of 2020 is coming nearer and nearer. To end this year in glory, how about a long-awaiting BIG...

As time flies and the end of 2020 is coming nearer and nearer. To end this year in glory, how about a long-awaiting BIGBANG comeback and BLACKPINK's solo plan of Rosé?


Because according to an unconfirmed source, that is what YG plan in December, 2020.

As in the article, YG is written to have 2 plans in December: BLACKPINK solo and BIGBANG comeback which make fans of two groups exciting and ??????? as well because they will face to face on many ??????????? ???????.



BIGBANG has been at a pause after 4 members, T.O.P, G-Dragon, Taeyang and Daesung enlisted for ???????? service from 2017 to 2019, with a farewell song they released called "Flower Road" dedicated to their fans. Due to Seungri's ??????? surrounding the ??????? ??? ????? ????, he decided to take a departure from BIGBANG. The group is now officially a 4-member group.

2019 was planned for them to perform at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival when all four members renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment and were preparing for a comeback that was eventually delayed due to the ?????-?? ????????.


This comeback will be the first time BIGBANG promotes as 4 members, as well as a milestone after 4 members ?????????? from the ????????.


After Jennie with her own song "Solo" in 2018, Rosé is the next member to have a solo. This has always been any Blink's desire because she has all of the skills needed, a beautiful signature voice, professional dancing skills and instrumental skills as well.


In June, YG Ent. released the official announcement about Rosé's solo and even gave hints about two others' solo projects.

In BLACKPINK documentary on ???????, fans could also see there were some of Rosé's practice scenes where she seemed to prepare for her own solo music. So it's quite obvious that the main vocal will be the next chosen one after Jennie.

"YG has released Jennie’s first-ever solo single “SOLO” back in November 2018, and has been working on Rosé’s first-ever solo track for over a year.

We ask for your understanding on taking more time than expected, since we were planning to release multiple songs in an album format, rather than releasing a digital single.

Rosé’s solo works have already been completed, and its release date is planned to be in September after the release of BLACKPINK’s first-ever full-length album." - they continued.

"Furthermore, Lisa’s amazing solo single is already prepared for release, and we are currently preparing for Jisoo’s solo single release as well.

YG will not stop the support and effort to help BLACKPINK create better music and to help them grow as admirable artists. That is because it’s the first and most important thing we should consider to repay your love and support towards BLACKPINK.

Thank you."

Of course, this is just the ??????????? ?????. Above all, these projects are what not only VIPs and Blinks want but also, the whole K-Pop is waiting.

Let's patiently wait until the official announcement and support both BIGBANG and BLACKPINK.