ATEEZ, who debuted on October 24, 2018, will soon mark their second anniversary. On this day, they will have a special time with fans around the world through the online concert ‘ATEEZ 2ND ANNIVERSARY CONCERT: PORT OF CALL’.


News of the concert was first reported to fans through ATEEZ’s official fan community yesterday. Various type of tickets, including Early Bird and VOD, will be available, and the first generation of ATEEZ’s official fan club ‘ATINY’ will be provided with photo invitations and various specials containing messages of ATEEZ’s affection.

ATEEZ is being loved more than ever by showing their remarkable growth and future possibilities through the album ‘ZERO: FEVER Part.1’, released in July.


In addition to being ranked second in the ‘Rising K-Pop Artist’ category, which was recently released on Twitter, the boys were ranked eighth in the trend report ‘Twitter From Home’, proving their popularity even after they concluded their promotion activities.

‘ATEEZ 2ND ANNIVERSARY CONCERT: PORT OF CALL’ will be broadcast live at 3 PM KST on October 24, and reservations will be available at YES24, My Music Taste, and SKIYAKI from September 29.