Singer-songwriter Kim Feel was revealed to have produced and gifted his own song ‘Stand By You’ to boy group A.C.E, which will be released on June 24.

According to xSportNews on June 23rd, Kim Feel composed and wrote A.C.E pre-released ‘Stand By You’ and participated in producing the song.

The singer made his debut in the K-pop scene through ‘Crying Again Like a Fool’ in 2011. His doing is all the more meaningful as this is the first time in nine years since his debut that he presented his songs to another artist.


Kim Feel, who was recognized for his singing ability by finishing Mnet‘s ‘Superstar K6’ as a runner-up in 2014, has already proven his ability as a singer-songwriter by releasing a number of self-composed songs such as ‘Stay With Me’, ‘One Love’, ‘Seongbukdong’, ‘Your Voice’, ‘Love2’ and ‘Excuses’.

In particular, the meeting between emotional musician Kim Feel and boy group A.C.E is an unexpected combination, and attention is already focused on what synergy they will show.


A.C.E will make a formal comeback with their fourth mini album during the second half of 2020.